Month: December 2015

MOAS – New rescue mission in the Aegean Sea

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On board The Responder, en route from Port Said, Egypt, to Lesvos, Greece – image © MOAS_EU/Jason Florio, 2015. All rights reserved


More updates to follow soon.

Wishing everyone a safe, peaceful, and happy holidays




MOAS – Migrant Offshore Aid Station – #onemore campaign

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Young girl making bread, refugees in Turkey – image © MOAS_EU/Jason Florio, 2015. All rights reserved.


MOAS – #onemore campaign –  ‘a Malta-based registered foundation, dedicated to preventing loss of life by providing professional search-and-rescue assistance to people in distress at sea or trapped on unsafe vessels.’


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A family of refugees, in their makeshift home, in Turkey – image © MOAS_EU/Jason Florio, 2015. All rights reserved


Jason Florio – 2015 itinerary, to-date:

January-December 2015: the beginning of the year saw Florio and his photography producer wife, Helen Jones-Florio, basing out of West Africa, working on various assignments, plus personal long-term photo projects. Since May, they have been basing out of the small Mediterranean island of Malta, when Florio began working with MOAS – Migrant Offshore Aid Station – on board the Phoenix boat, in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Libya; documenting the rescues of thousands of migrants and refugees. He recently traveled to Myanmar and Bangladesh, on a fact-finding mission, about the plight of the Rohingya refugees, and recently returned back from another mission to document the refugees in Turkey.

Currently – mid-December 2015: on route to the Aegean Sea, to board MOAS’s new rescue boat, the Responder, to document the refugees making the often perilous, and all-too-often fatal, crossing from Turkey to Greece.

Please contact for further information, and assignment requests.

Refugees in Myanmar and Turkey – iPhone images © Jason Florio

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Left & middle – Syrian refugees, right, humanitarian translator, Mohammed Alshalh, Izmir, Turkey – Dec 2015. iPhone images © Jason Florio  Instagram


The last couple of months has seen me travelling, on fact-finding missions about refugees, for Migrant Report and MOAS, in Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Turkey. Next week, I get back on board with MOAS_EU, on their new mission to the Aegean Sea, to document the refugee rescues at sea, off the coast of Greece.

More news coming soon



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Refugee children in Myanmar, S.E. Asia – Nov 2015. iPhone images © Jason Florio. Instagram