Month: January 2016

MOAS Search & Rescue High Speed Patrol Boat – on board the Topaz Responder, Aegean Sea



Rescues in the Aegean Sea with the MOAS Search & Rescue Team, Jan 14 2016

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01/15/16: Pulled from my bunk at 11.45pm, by the sound of the 2-way radio next to my bed, crackling to life. One of the MOAS crew, on watch up on the bridge, saw a ping on the radar that went fast and then stopped – he raised the alarm and within 20 minutes we were at the scene. Screams from the dark, the odd flash of a reflector on a life jacket, an overturned white speed boat, with a blue hull. Old men, women, and children were hauled and pulled, their heaviness (not just from the weight of the water, but the weight of children strapped onto their mothers), onto the FRDC. We plucked and pulled, responding to yells from the void.

All came home alive and safe (to the Topaz Responder), except for three babies, who had already perished before we reached their capsized boat… one mother lost two.

A sad night on the front line.


Huge respect to the MOAS SAR (search and rescue) team, CISOM, ERRCMALTA

Images © Jason Florio/ 2016. All rights reserved

Rescues in the Aegean Sea with the MOAS search & rescue team (9th-10th Jan 2016)


Syrian refugees making the perilous winter crossing of the Aegean sea from Turkey to Libya are rescued by the Migrant Offshore Aid Station search and rescue team ©Jason Florio/,2016. All rights reserved


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A Syrian father and daughter are safely landed in Greece after being rescued trying to cross the Aegean sea from Turkey by the Migrant Offshore Aid Station search and rescue team © Jason Florio/MOAS.Eu, 2016. All rights reserved

Children rest after being rescued from sinking raft in the Aegean Sea © Jason Florio/, 2016

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Syrian children rest after traumatic rescue from the Aegean by the MOAS search and rescue team, this morning (1/9/2016) – image © Jason Florio/, 2016. All rights reserved


Currently in the Aegean Sea, with the Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS), documenting rescues between Turkey and Greece. JF 

On-line hangout – ‘The Great Exodus: A Look at How the Migrant Crisis is Being Pictured in the Media’

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The first rescues by the MOAS search and rescue team in the Mediterranean Sea – image © Jason Florio/, 2015


The Reading The Pictures Salon is an on-line, real-time discussion between photojournalists, visual academics and other visual or subject experts… . Read more, and register for the hangout (Sunday 10th January 2015 – 11am-1pm EST), on the website.

The panel:
MichelleBogre‬ The New School Parsons; ‪‎AnneDemo‬ Penn State University; AlixandraFazzina‬ Photographer, NOOR; Jason Florio Freelance Photographer; ShaniOrgad‬ London School of Economics and Political Science; GlennRuga‬ Social Documentary Network; MichaelShaw‬ Reading the Pictures; MODERATOR: CaraFinnegan‬

Florio will be joining in the discussion, from the Aegean Sea, where he is currently on assignment with MOAS’s new rescue boat.

PRESS: ‘Portraits of a Rescue on the Mediterranean’ by Jason Florio – VQR

In doing so, with more than 100 subjects, Florio has created a humanizing counterpoint to the images that have dominated the narrative of the migration crisis so far. “I know it sounds cliché, but I felt these portraits were an effective way to find the individual in the whole mess. All the images of migrants we’ve seen are of chaotic hordes. I thought it was important to give them a space to represent themselves.” VQR – read full feature and see more portraits and rescue images here

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VQR – cover shot © Jason Florio/MOAS_EU 2015 – migrant and refugee rescues in the Mediterranean Sea


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Images © Jason Florio – read full feature/more images on-line at VQR