Month: April 2017

Press: IRIN News – ‘Gambians seek justice after Jammeh’s fall’ – images © Jason Florio

Mariama Saine, one of the last people arrested before Jammeh fell, The Gambia - portrait © Jason Florio for IRIN News

Mariama Saine, The Gambia – portrait © Jason Florio for IRIN News

Torture victim Mariama Saine, whose mother was a UDP activist, wants to see her abusers punished. She was arrested on the eve of the 1 December election and interrogated at the NIA detention site known as Bulldozer.
“They were beating me while I could hear the election results being announced on a television,” said Saine – read more IRIN News
Ngoi Njie, Gambian activist, tortured under Jammeh's regime, tells her story - image © Jason Florio

Ngoi Njie, Gambian opposition activist, tortured under Jammeh’s regime, tells her story to IRIN News – image © Jason Florio


4/14/2017Jason Florio is currently based between Malta, Europe, and West Africa



Press: Joseph Muscat – Prime Minister of Malta ©Jason Florio

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 11.44.02 AM

Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat, Malta. Image © Jason Florio, 2017 – for the Daily Mail online 


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