Media: The Initium (Hong Kong) – Rescues at sea. Images ©Jason Florio

  When the disaster comes, human nature and wonderful photos, which one would you choose? For the photographer Jason Florio, the choice is obvious. “You can accomplish yourself or save countless lives in a single thought …I’m not just a journalist or photographer on board. I have no personal judgment in an emergency.”     […]

Lensculture Exposure Awards - winners and finalists 2018

Lensculture – Exposure Awards: Winners, Finalists & Jurors’ Picks

  A very nice surprise to hear my images from the migration crisis in the Mediterranean is a Jurors’ Pick in the LensCulture ExposureAwards2018– Many thanks to Mazie Harris at the Department of Photographs Getty Museum for selecting my work, and many thanks to Jim and Millie Casper and the LensCulture team – and big congrats to all the all the other photographers! […]

Press: ‘Disposable Africans – migration and its consequences’ IRIN News-images ©Jason Florio

  ‘Much ink has been spilt trying to make sense of the migration flow across the Mediterranean, a stretch of sea that has become the frontline of capitalism’s most urgent question: What’s more valuable – a human life, or the fraying concept of the sanctity of state borders?’ IRIN News – ‘Disposable Africans – migration […]

Heavy weather in the Mediterranean – onboard MOAS search & rescue boat

    Jason Florio is currently back at sea, with the MOAS SAR team (search and rescue), onboard the Phoenix , patrolling the waters just off the coast of Libya. The stormy weather meant that the first couple of days down in the SAR area were quiet but today, as the sea calmed, all that changed […]